Understanding good governance in Islam : A conceptual analysis


  • Md. Nazrul Islam


Islam, Good Governance, Democracy, Hakimiyyah, Rule of law


The term “governance” occupies a central stage in the development discourse and is considered as the crucial element to be incorporated in the development strategy. However, the development experts in recent years have emphasized “good governance” as a prerequisite for development. Scholars and experts have also paid attention to the way of achieving good governance. Scholars tend to link good governance with a democratic polity. It is argued that Islam promotes good governance. Islam is not merely a religion, rather a complete code of life. It provides guidance in all walks of life. Despite differences in various fields, there is much in democracy which is compatible with Islam. Among all religions, Islam provides for a political framework to administer the affairs of mankind. Islamic provisions, if properly followed, would lead to good governance.




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