Towards A Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria: A Muslim Perspective


  • Dr. R. Ibrahim Adebayo


Economic, Islamic, Sustainable Development


The recent global economic meltdown has become a great concern for the whole  world  that  the  solution  to  it  is  beyond  the  capacity of  those  who institutionalised the mundane economic system. Prior to the recent economic problem, many economic ideological paradigms had been put in place each of which has its shortcomings and disadvantages. While propounding various theories and coming up with numerous ideologies, not much consideration has been given to divine guidance on economic activities as embedded in the Holy Qur’an and practised by the Prophet and his companions. It is on the basis of this that this paper intends to discuss the Islamic economic principles as a means  of  solving  the  current  world  economic  problem  with  particular reference to Nigeria. The paper shall assist in providing a locus for understanding the Islamic economic values for sustainable development, while some  recommendations  useful  for  improving  the  economic  system of the society shall be made for effective results.




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