Promotion of Learning Islamic Law and IHL in Bangladesh


  • Sadik Mohammad Yakub


Islamic Law, international humanitarian law, integration


This  paper  explores  Islamic  values  and  rules  on  the  conduct  of  hostilities  and compares them with similar provisions of IHL. With armed conflicts taking place in so many parts of the Muslim world, the Islamic law of war is as indispensable as ever for the protection of civilians and other persons hors de combat. Over the centuries, classical Muslim jurists have provided impressive legal literature, which, just as international humanitarian law (IHL), brings humanity in war. Emphasizing the universality of IHL’s principles, which transcend legal traditions, civilizations and cultures, is absolutely essential for improving respect and protection for victims of armed conflict in the Muslim world. The objective of this study is to present the scenario of teaching and research of International Humanitarian Law in the Islamic World, Islamic Law in the Universities and Madrasah Education in Bangladesh, the importance of Learning IHL and IL in Bangladesh, and the Obstacles of Promotion of Learning IL and IHL in Bangladesh. Finally, this paper proposes an integration of “Islamic Law & IHL” into Bangladesh Islami University’s Curriculum with a specific focus on M.A. in Islamic Studies Program.




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