Hisbah in Malaysia: Preventing vices and immoralities

  • Ramizah wan Muhammad
Keywords: Hisbah, Islam, enforcement, Malaysia, Shariah


institution,, the Religious Enfo rcement Division at the State Religious Department in Malaysia,, in curbing immoral activities as well as other contemptible acts according to shar Ê ‟aah.. In the division,, there are Religious Enforcement Officers who warn the potential offenders and also arre st anyone for the violation of rules incorporated in the Islamic enactments.. The objectives of establishing the division as well as the department are to protect the sanctity of Islam as a way of life and to prevent Muslims from immoral activities.. Each st ate in Malaysia has its own Department.. These Departments carry different names but they perform similar functions of prohibiting vice and preventing ma'' Î iah i..ee.. transgression.. Based upon documentary evidence and court cases,, this paper highlights the cur rent developments in the Division and the challenges it faces in protecting Muslim's faith in Malaysia..

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