Islamic collections management: Training needs of Malaysian academic librarians

  • Aliyu Olugbenga Yusuf
  • Basri Hassan
Keywords: Training needs, Islamic collections, academic libraries, abilities, competences, skills


This study examines the training needs of librarians handling Islamic collections in Malaysian academic libraries. This is done through the distribution of a questionnaire and unstructured interviews with librarians working in the universities in Malaysia. Responses were gathered from librarians to understand their experiences, problems faced and factors that influenced their training needs. This study also presents and describes the varying and continuous changing skills, knowledge and abilities (SKAs) required of librarians handling Islamic collections. Furthermore, the study determines the existing gaps in skills, knowledge and abilities among the librarians. The study found that the factors that determine training needs of the librarians include library goals and objectives, individual job characteristics, library management supports and quality of services rendered by the libraries.

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