What is history?

  • Abdullahil Ahsan
Keywords: Civilization, Neolithic & Paleolithic Age, Cuneiform script, Gilgamesh, Hammurabi


This article aims at elucidating the role of history in human civilization and the way history has been shaped thr ough ages.. It is essential for Muslims to understand the distinctions between history and pseudo - history and the purpose for which history is often written.. This article defines history,, describes how the idea of recording history came into existence,, earl y historians and their method of history writing,, and how history could be divided into various periods.. It also briefly describes human origin in history,, sources of history and their utilization in history writing.. Then it describes the differences betwe en history and pseudo - history,, differences between history and other disciplines in humanities and social sciences.. It concludes by highlighting the importance of history..

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