Islamization: A framework for altruistic knowledge

  • Jamil Farooqui
Keywords: Social reality, plausibility structure, universalization of knowledge, truth & goodness, human aspirations & societal needs


Islamization of Knowledge provides a framework to obtain authentic and altruistic knowledge.. It asserts that the nature of human existence and the external world can best be known and understood through foundational knowledge revealed by the Absolute Reality.. Islamization of Knowledge operates along three broad principles:: the identific ation of Absolute Reality,, the linkage between truth and goodness and the balance between human aspiration and societal needs.. It enables humans to identify the goals of life and the ways to achieve it.. Humans objectify this subjectivity and consequently,, construct social reality.. Thus,, the knowledge that humans develop with the help of revelation shapes the world of day - to - day activities and not the socio - cultural condition and the historicity of society.

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