Fundamentals of public administration

  • Shamsur Rahman


Fundamentals of public administration. By Begum Rokshana Mili and Amir Mohammad Nasrullah.. Dhaka:: Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BBIIT)),, 2014,, Pp.. 326 , ISBN:: 978 - 984 - 8471 - 20 - 3..

Reviewer: M. Shamsur Rahman , Founder Vice Chancellor,, Jatiyo Ka bi Kazi Nazrul Islam University at Trishal,, Mymensingh,, Bangladesh.. E - mail:: ijit@@iiiitbd..oorg

Fundamentals of Public Administration,, written by Begum Rokshana Mili and Amir Mohammad Nasrullah,, is a valuable addition to the existing literature on Public Admi nistration.. There are plenty of textbooks on Public Administration in USA,, India and other countries but these are meant for their respective audiences,,

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