Reading Shakespeare from Islamic perspective

  • Farhana Chowdhury


Reading Shakespeare from Islamic perspecting. By Sadruddin Ahmed,, Mohammad Kaosar Ahmed,, Ali Azgor Talukdar , Kamiz Ahmed Ala m and Muhammad Tafazzel Hossain.. Dhaka:: Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BBIIT)),, 2014,, P p.. 144 , ISBN:: 978 - 984 - 8471 - 22 - 7 .

Reviewer: Farhana Chowdhury,, Senior Lecturer,, Dept.. of English,, Bangla desh Islami University (BBIU)).. E - mail:: fa rhana2180@@ggmail..ccom


provides a new dimension to the study of Shakespeare.. The book is organized in five chapters with an Introduction.. The authors have chosen four grand and widely studied tragedies:: King Lear , Macbeth , Hamlet and The Tempest and drawn analogy between the works of Shakespeare and the ideology of Islam.. Unlike the earlier studies of tragedies from Marxist,, humanist,, feminist and modernist point of views,, this book deals with Shakespeare from an Is lamic point of view..

The introduction,, prepared by Mohammad Kaosar Ahmed,, provides the reason behind making the reading of Shakespeare from an Islamic point of view.. It emphasizes the necessity of the teacher who being blessed with Islamic knowledge can show the students what Islam says about this and why they should follow the dictates of Islam.. Quoting Professor Ali Ashraf,, Kaosar states that a practicing Muslim teacher of literature who is aware of human limitations,, evil temptations and human greatn ess can save students from falling prey to a seductive material literature.. It provides a practical guideline to deal with Shakespeare from an Islamic perspective..

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