Palestinian prisoners : A question of conscience

  • Elfatih A.. Abdelsalam Abdelsalam


Palestinian prisoners : A question of conscience. Edited By John Calhoun and Ranjan Solomon.. Geneva:: The World Council of Churches,, 2015 , Pp . 107 , I SBN:: 978 - 2 - 8254 - 1653 - 2 .

Reviewer: Elfatih A.. Abdelsalam,, Department of Political Science,, International Islamic University Malaysia . E - mail:: elfatih@@iiium..eedu..mmy

This resource book is published in conjunction with the World Week for Peace in Palesti ne Israel (WWWPPI)),, an initiative of the Palestine - Israel Ecumenical Forum of the World Council of Churches.. It is based on the topic of Palestinian prisoners and the theme explored in the last year,, “LLet my people go..”” The choice of the theme clearly under scores the crisis that affects several thousand Palestinians and their families..

The editors of this brief volume have treated their material in seven thematic chapters:: Palestinian political Prisoners:: An overview;; Administrative Detention in the Occupie d Palestinian Territories;; Ailing Prisoners in Israeli Occupation Jails;; Families and Family visits;; Palestinian Children Detained in the Israeli Military Court System;; Conscientious Objectors;; and,, Organizations Working with Prisoners and Human Rights.. In their entirety,, the chapters of this book describe the plight of more than 5000 Palestinian Prisoners – the conditions of their arrest,, detention,, and care – that continues to draw international attention and condemnation.. This brief volume provides a res ponsible,, factual overview of their situation and prospects.. The legal frameworks of their arrest in the occupied territories,, Gaza,, and Israel itself,, along with prison conditions and healthcare of prisoners and the detention of children are all detailed,, supplemented by the specific stories of individual prisoners and their families.. Also included are lists of other resources and organizations engaged by the issue and working for change..

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