History of Arab-Muslim Science in Spanish scholarship: The balanced approach of Juan Vernet Ginés

  • Ingrid Margarita Florez Fortich
Keywords: Juan Vernet, Muslim Spain, Spanish science, chool of Spanish Arabists, Islam & Europe


The presence of I slam in the Iberian Peninsula and its contributions to the Spanish nation has given rise to the emergence of two schools of thought:: one is highly ideological which denies the positive impact of Islam and the Arabs in Spain and the other emphasises the sig nificant contributions of the Islamic polity,, its cultural and scientific achievements and its influence on European thought.. Juan Vernet belongs to the latter school of thought.. Vernet wrote extensively on Islam in Spain and particularly on the history of the Arab - Muslim and Spanish science.. He wrote on the history of the exact sciences in Muslim Spain,, especially on the contribution of Muslim astronomers in the thirteenth century.. Vernet argues that Islam is a foundational element in the Spanish history,, culture and identity.. This paper attempts to explore the moderate and balanced views of Juan Vernet on Islam,, particularly with regard to the history of Arab - Muslim science in Spain,, focusing on two of his works:: “HHistoria de la Ciencia Espanola”” (HHistory of the Spanish Science)) and “IIslam y Europa”” (IIslam and Europe)).. One of Vernet’s ideas is that of the centrality of the Arab - Muslim science in Spain,, even during the last Muslim kingdom.. He also emphasizes in his works the consistent scientific exchanges a nd the social cooperation between Muslims and non - Muslims in philosophical and scientific matters.. Vernet’s ideas represent an example of a balanced approach to Islam,, in the context of dominant Spanish views of Islam which emphasizes the political antagon isms among religious communities..

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