Islamization of knowledge and educational development: The case of Bangladesh

  • M. Abdul Aziz
Keywords: Education, Islamization of knowledge, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Institute of Islamic thought


Concerned with educational dualism in the Muslim world,, s cholars have embarked upon the movement for Islamizaiton of Knowledge (IIOK)).. The major impetus for this movement came from the first world conference held in 1977.. This gave rise to institutional mechanisms for the implementation of resolutions passed in a number of subsequent world conferences and international seminars.. Bangladesh did not lag behind in this effort to Islamize knowledge.. Based upon personal observation,, experience and documentary evidence,, this study found that the effort at Islamization is undertaken by the government of Bangladesh,, though its intensity varied from one government to the other.. Private sectors have also been in the forefront of Islamization movement despite its shortcomings and limitations.. Finally Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought has taken note - worthy steps with a comprehensive approach in the field of Islamization of Knowledge and educational development that can be a model for others at home and abroad..

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