Democracy in Bangladesh: An ethical perspective

  • Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad


Bangladesh is a democracy but is facing several problems in sustaining it.. Demo cracy is easy to proclaim but it is difficult to realize its features.. Democracy must be accompanied by several essentials.. Analyzing democracy in Bangladesh,, it is found that the country is beset with unemployment,, corruption,, child labour,, illiteracy,, ra pe and violence.. These problems are considered a hindrance to sustaining democracy in the country.. Sustaining democracy would require making Bangladesh‟‟ss politics free,, fair,, and unbiased.. Fulfilling these requirements would also make the government of Ban gladesh legitimate which would help bring peace,, progress and development in the country.. Introducing moral and ethical practices in politics may not remove all the problems of the country but will go a long way to solve a myriad of problems facing Banglad esh..

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