Editorial by Abdul Rashid Moten

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Editorial: The purpose of creation as mentioned in the Qur’an (51: 56) is to know and worship (ya’budun) Allah (SWT) alone. The basic concept in the verse is implied by the root word, “abd,” which means to acknowledge someone other than oneself as enjoying over lordship and or surrendering oneself totally to his authority. The Arabic term ‘ibadah connotes obedience and submission which in Islamic terms means the ultimate obedience and submission to Allah (SWT). Obeying the Creator is not confined simply to performing the prescribed forms of rites and rituals. It means following Islamic beliefs and practices and carrying out all activities in accordance with the shari’ah. This is clear from the Qur’anic verse (16: 36): “And to every nation We sent Messengers, ordering them that they should worship Allah alone, obey Him, and make their worship purely for Him; and that they should avoid al-tagut.”

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