Extra marital affair and family discord : Way-out in Islam

Md. Abdullah Al Helal

  • Editor IJITs
Keywords: Family dispute, Marriage, Extra marital affairs, Islamic values, Divorce, Death


Extra marital affair is one of the major factors leading to family disputes in Bangladesh. Simply stated, extra-marital affair is adultery and it is morally reprehensible. Studies have found that this illicit affair has resulted in the loss of trust between the husband and the wife, which is the foundation of conjugal life, leading eventually to divorce. Additionally, there are instances of suicide and murder related to these extra marital affairs. Indeed, the children are the worst victim. Studies also found that, relaxation of religious values is the root cause of this evil and it can be eradicated through faithful adherence to the values inherent in Islam. This paper documents this incidence of extra-marital affairs in Bangladesh and is based on both the primary and secondary sources.

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