Inheritance rights of women in Islamic law : An assessment

Kazi Arshadul Hoque, Muhammad Jalal Uddin and Mohammad Saidul Islam

  • Editor IJITs
Keywords: Inheritance rights, Women, Islamic law, Equality, Justice


Islam is not merely a religion but also a complete code of life based upon the principles, among others, of tawhid (unity of Allah, SWT), risalah (prophethood of Muhammad, SAW), adl (justice) and musawat (equality). Most of these principles have been accepted by all, the principle of equality has been contested by non-Muslims as well as secular Muslims. The issue of inheritance of women has particularly been cited as an example of inequality in which women are oppressed by Islam. This study, applying the analytical approach, provides justifications for women inheriting half the share compared to men and shows how Islamic law ensures equality. The alleged discrimination against women observed in the society is due to non-implementation of Islamic inheritance law in the society.

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