Islamic activists : The anti-enlightenment democrats

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By Deina Ali Abdelkader. London : Pluto Press, 2011, pp. viii-157. ISBN 978 – 0 – 7453 – 2216 – 2.

Reviewer : Sherry Marlina Bt. Shharuddin (PhD Candidate), E-mail :


The Arab uprising has attracted attentions especially when the uprising was made against regimes that have long been in power. The mass movements against the regime were unique because men and women of all religious and social backgrounds protested across the country demanding an end to dictatorship and economic corruption. However, among the protests there were elements of Islamists who have been fighting the government for a long time and suffered under those regimes. Many of them have been tortured, imprisoned, murdered and force to exile in secluded parts of the country. Deina Ali Abdelkader has studied these mass uprisings against regimes. She also studied the role of Shari’ah and Muslim’s expectations as well as Islamist leaders, their ideas and writings.

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