Editorial: A new board and a new look

Prof. Abdul Rashid Moten

  • IJITs ijits Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT)


The International Journal of Islamic Thought (IJIT) is a successor to the Bangladesh Journal of Islamic Thought (BJIT). I would like to express our gratitude to late Professor Dr. U.A.B. Razia Akter Banu for her dedication to the Journal. She worked diligently and directly with authors and reviewers to build a community that values high quality research. She deserves the credit for the Journal’s success so far. The new Editorial Board would like to build on the
successes achieved and lift the Journal’s esteem to a new high.
The International Journal of Islamic Thought (IJIT) purports to function as a discussion forum for academics and practitioners from all over the world. It is this spirit which prompted us to request replacing the word “Bangladesh” with “International” in the title of the journal. This would also help remove any misconception about the journal being maintained by and meant for the Bangladesh scholarly community only. The journal is Islamic in orientation and would serve the humanity as a whole. The Prophet (SAW) was sent as a mercy for the whole of humankind. Changing the name of an academic journal with a history of 8 years since its first issue in 2005 was a delicate task. However, we succeeded in gaining the support of the Editor-in-Chief, M. Azizul Huq, and through him the support of the Executive Committee of the Bangladesh Institute Islamic Thought (BIIT). He remains as its Editor-in-Chief with the new Editorial Board. We believe that his expertise and leadership experience will bring the journal to a new era of recognition in knowledge and information systems.


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