Gender issues in Islam: “Recovering the measure” and restoring the balance

  • Mohamed El-Tahir El-Mesawi
Keywords: Gender, women, man, human reality, human nature, Qur’an


The debate on gender and gender-related issues has has become an essential part of global di s courses on women and male - female relationships,, both at the level of individual writers and within official national and international bodies as well as NGOs.. These discourses are characterized by e x tremes and pola rities even on the part of Muslims who have participated in the debate.. A much - needed fundamental ontological and ethical framework is lacking . Such a framework could set the discussion of women and gender issues on a balanced scale by taking all dimension s of human existence into a c count in a holistic manner as can be expressed by the doctrine of maqÉÎid al - sharÊÑah . With this hi s torical and intellectual background in view,, the present article is an attempt at proposing such a framework as could be derived from the Qur’an,, thus reflecting the Islamic worldview and its impl i cations for our understanding of the human condition and the essential relationship between man and woman as the binary that represents the two facets of human nature and reality..

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