Muslim women promoting peace

  • Foyasal Khan


Muslim women promoting peace. By Zaleha Kamaruddin and Abdul Rashid Moten. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Press, 2016. Pp. XXVI+184. ISBN: 978-967-418-448-3 (pbk).

Reviewer: Foyasal Khan, Doctoral Candidate, International Islamic University Malaysia. Islam is a universal religion followed by over 1.5 billion people in the world. Though Islam is essentially a religion of peace, non-Muslims‟ views of Islam, barring a few neutral or mildly positive stances, have been negative. Most non-Muslims consider Muslim headscarves, mosques, and minarets as archaic, traditional, anti-democratic and, hence, a threat to the West.The fact that Islam emphasizes the principle of unity and equality of mankind to promote peace has been neglected. The Qur‟anic call for harmony, amity and cooperation among people in all societies for the success and stability of all has been belittled.

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