Islam and Gender: Bangladesh perspective

  • Ehsan Murshed


Islam and Gender: Bangladesh perspective. By Shah Abdul Hannan. Translated by Mohammad Shawkat Ali and edited by Md. Mahmudul Hasan and Raudah Mohd. Yunus. Dhaka: Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought (BIIT), March 2016, Pp.132. ISBN: 978-084-8471-43-2.

Reviewer: Ehsan Murshed, a teacher-academic-researcher and freelance writer on Islamic issues. E-mail: Shah Abdul Hannan, ex-Secretary of the Government of the People‟s the Republic of Bangladesh, social worker, Islamic thinker and a writer of a good number of books on Islam-related issues. Though graduated from the western education system, he made strenuous efforts at understanding Islam from authentic sources, reflecting and searching for intellectually satisfying answers for modern challenges and queries. He has written several treatises on the interstices between Islam and gender. Committed to Islam both at the emotional and intellectual levels, Shah Abdul Hannan is a man very much in tune with contemporary realities. He uses naql (scripture), a’ql (intellect) and the shari‟ah in dealing with contemporary challenges and issues. He has produced some intuitively inspired and inspirational discourses of which the book under review, Islam, and Gender, is a shining example.

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